#CallForPapers / International Conference On Monumentality #AcropolisMuseum #HellenicOpenUniversity

Call for papers for the international conference On Monumentality Athens, Acropolis Museum, 4-6 April 2019

A century separates us from the “rupture of history” and the historical ambiguities that the early heroic modernism
introduced in the urban space, and eighty years from the destruction of the European monumental deposit from the
bombings of WWII, a defining moment for the introduction of new kinds of monumentality alongside the old ones.
Yet, monumentality still emerges as a major spatial, aesthetic, symbolic, architectural and archaeological
phenomenon. In a climate of pessimism in present day western cities, which are dealing with an increasingly
precarious present, due to economic and other forms of instability, the durability of monumentality as “urban
permanence” (the famous Aldo Rossi concept), appears to be among the few remaining symbolic and spatial rocks and
as such is needed, maintained, enhanced, landscaped and even invented.
The international conference “On Monumentality”, organised by the Module Art-Architecture-Urban Planning,
Hellenic Open University, to be held in the Acropolis Museum, Athens, 4-6 of April, 2019, will explore the following
relevant dimensions of monumentality and the monumental both in the European urban and peripheral space and
also of cities/countries globally:
 Old, new and emergent kinds of monumentality
 Struggles around monumentality formation: Social, symbolic and political aspects
 Aesthetics of monumentality’s protection
 The economic and developmental aspects of monumentality
 Monumentality in the urban space and the “natural”/regional landscape
 Scales of the monumental
In the above context is invited the submission of proposals for papers from architects, archaeologists,architectural
historians, urban planners, urban and cultural geographers, art theorists and historians, social anthropologists and
other relevant theorists until June 15, 2018. Acceptance of papers will be decided until late July 2018. Participation
will be free of charge.
Conference languages: English, Greek.
Proposals, including name plus title and abstract of paper of up to 300 words and a brief CV, can be sent to one or all
of the following members of the organizing committee:
Prof. Argyro Loukaki: argyro-loukaki@hotmail.com
Assoc. Prof. Dimitris Plantzos: dkplantzos@gmail.com
Dr. Jenny Albani: jennyalbani@gmail.com
Dr. Dionysis Mourelatos: dmourela@arch.uoa.gr
Dr. Konstantinos Soueref ksoueref@culture.gr
Dr. Stavros Alifragkis sa346@otenet.gr

Call for papers-International Conference On Monumentality-Acropolis-Museum-April 2019


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