Dictionary of Art Historians, 2nd ed, launched today


Journal of Art Historiography

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The second edition of the internet tool Dictionary of Art Historians was officially rolled out today.  Many of you had a chance to examine the beta version in NYC at the ARLIS meeting or in Los Angeles at CAA.  The official press release, http://arthistorians.info/news, explains the tool and its history fully.  A multitude of art librarians and scholars advised on it and the redesign.  Please note the new url (no longer the “.org” one),  www.arthistorians.info.

I also want to underscore one of the biggest changes is that we’re formally accepting contributions from the art community.  If you know of staff, scholars, classes or even someone who’d you’d like to contribute, please use the ‘contribute’ link to begin the process.

Again, my thanks to this community for making this tool—which is very much ongoing—the success it has.



Lee Sorensen, A.M., A.M.

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