Friends of the Warburg

JUL 31, 2017 — Dear All,

Three years ago this petition was initiated to show support for the life & legacy of the Warburg Institute in particular, and the pursuit of arts and humanities research in general. Today, the petition can be declared victorious on at least one of those counts — the Warburg Institute has survived, thrived, and is no longer under threat, having featured a wonderful programme of events through the vision of David Freedberg as director, and as of October, continuing its work under the directorship of Bill Sherman.

The future of the Warburg is something for us to look forward to, together. As to the broader point concerning the future of arts and humanities research, that too is something the Warburg can continue to intervene in, and further, for the better. As a stable and respected research environment, the next step is to widen those who have access to its remarkable legacy and resources to ensure a bright future.



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