Who died in Trieste?

*exh updates // Germany: memories of a nation (16 October 2014 – 25 January 2015)

British Museum blog

Ian Jenkins, curator, British Museum

I am sitting in the back of a taxi speeding through the narrow streets of Kolonaki, the posh bit of Athens. There is no conversation between me and the driver, but occasionally our eyes meet in the rear view mirror. Suddenly he speaks.

‘You look like some kind of professor’.

Before I can reply, he speaks again.

‘Who died in Trieste?’

I am on my way to the German Archaeological School. A number of such schools were planted in the nineteenth century on the lower slopes of Mount Lykabettos, where they were intended to catch the breeze in the long, hot summers and to command views to the sea or across the plain of Attica to the mountains. Now you just see across the street as far as the high-rise apartments opposite.

The German School is on Odos Fidiou, Pheidias Street. Founded in 1874, it was designed…

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