“Curating Art History”: Dialogues between museum professionals and academics

Journal of Art Historiography

Department of Art History, Film and Visual Studies

The University of Birmingham

7th and 8th May 2014 – The Barber Institute of Fine Arts


Catherine De Lorenzo

(University of New South Wales, Australia)


 Helen Shaw (University of York); Aparajita Bhattacharya (Hans Raj College, New Delhi, India); Andy Ellis (Public Catalogue Foundation); Karen Raney (Engage Journal); Ming Turner (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; Vera Carmo (University of Coimbra, Portugal); Elin Morgan (The New Art Gallery, Walsall); Rebecca Darley and Daniel Reynolds (Warburg Institute; The University of Birmingham); Richard Clay, Henry Chapman, Leslie Brubaker (The University of Birmingham); Stacy Boldrick (The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh); Simon Cane (Birmingham Museums Trust)


 Ethnography and curating native art: Australian art history and Aboriginal art; Native American artistic practice and the gallery space; Cataloguing cultural heritage in India and the legacy of colonial policy

Knowledge exchange and development: Providing specialist knowledge to public…

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