Call for Applications

Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the
2014/2015 call for applications for up to ten postdoctoral fellowships in
the framework of the research program Art Histories and Aesthetic

We kindly ask you to spread the information about
the fellowships among art historians and scholars interested in exploring
the visual cultures and aesthetic practices in different regions of the
world in a comparative perspective.

Please find the
announcement via the following link:

research program is designed to open up the disciplinary boundaries of art
history to a transcultural, global horizon. By creating a space of
dialogue for scholars from all continents and regions, it aims to discuss
the potentials and contours of a plural art history. It invites scholars
from African, Asian, European and Islamic art histories, just as of the
Americas and Oceania to join the program. Nevertheless, the program also
addresses neighbouring disciplines such as archaeology and other fields
dealing with the history of visual cultures. Further information about the
research program and our activities can be found on our website:

We use this
opportunity to send you our best wishes for a great start to the New

With our best regards,
Hannah Baader, Gerhard Wolf
and Luise Neubauer


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